Bruno’s Bath House

Bruno’s Bathhouse understands their guests are not just pets, they are family members, which is why all of their guests are cared for, loved, hugged and entertained, as if he or she were one of their own. They provide a fun and safe haven where your four-legged family members can stay, play, bathe and relax in luxury.

We were given the task of bringing the Bruno’s website into this century.  The main objective of the site was to allow visitors to schedule appointments and make reservations.  Bruno’s audience is passionate about their furry friends so we saw an opportunity to build Bruno’s credibility by showing their immaculate facilities as well as a photo of each staff member with their personal pets.

The Result

The client loves it!  The site is fun and playful just like Bruno’s facilities and staff members.  Not only is the site beautiful but it serves as the main avenue for client scheduling and reservations, allowing more time for Bruno’s staff to focus on their fuzzy little visitors.