7 Tips For Optimizing Your Lead Page Conversion Funnel

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Are you running campaigns and not seeing the amount of leads that you're desiring?  

One of the first areas that we look at when assisting a client is there form optimization. Knowing these 7 simple steps when it comes to designing forms will help you succeed and hit the goals of your campaign.

Bring it to the top

In all the research that we have done, one of the most important things is to bring the form above the fold to the top of the page.  And preferably to the top right hand corner.  It may be tempting to provide all of the content and then put the form following all of that juicy goodness, but statistics show that the form above the fold gets results.  If a prospect gets to your page and is not sure what to do immediately they may do nothing at all.

Have a call to action

Directly above the form place a simple and clear call to action.  “Sign Up For Your Free Information Packet”, “Start Your Free Trial Now.” You get the idea.

Include a privacy line

Let people know that you will not share their information, for example “We Respect Your Privacy”  or “We do not share your information with any third parties”.  This is a strong builder of trust in the short relationship that you have begun with the prospect and it will increase conversion rates.

Fewer form fields mean more conversions

Nothing is more daunting for someone than the thought of spending the next 5 minutes filling out a form.  I mean really, do you need their mother’s maiden name just to send them a newsletter? Stick with 3-4 fields (or less).  Statistics show that with each extra field the chance to convert goes down 7-9%.  Choose wisely my friends.

What if I need more info than that?

Consider a multi-step form.  Get the essential information on the first part of the form and gather further info on the next page.  This allows them to not disqualify you before they even get started filling out the form, and also allows you to have the basics that you need to follow up if they choose not to continue to the end.

Use compelling words on the submit buttons

Having specific and benefit laden wording on your buttons goes a long way.  “Send Me My Info Packet” is much more compelling than “Submit”.  Change the wording up occasionally and see which one converts the best.

Test it

Make sure that you are always testing your forms.  Have different designs, wording, calls to action, placement on the page, colors, etc.  This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your landing pages.  Make sure that you give the form enough time to perform and collect data. Decisions should be data driven not emotionally driven.

Feel free to share this information. (Just don’t let your competitors get their hands on it.)  Leave a comment below and let us know what works for you.


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